Better slides make better presentations in Bev Sher’s Atoms to Cells Biology 100 course


Among other things in Bev Sher’s Biology 100 course, students learned how atoms are the building blocks of cells. They also learned how good slides are the building blocks of good presentations. In this DIY, Prof. Sher walks us through her students’ group projects, the Journal Club Group Presentation. This assignment, detailed below, called on groups of students to develop multimedia presentations on a scientific article. With the right examples, the right readings, and the right feedback from Prof. Sher, the students created great presentations that helped them communicate with their audiences. Read more…

DIY Shorts: Using Panopto to Flip a Large Classroom | Iyabo Obasanjo, Kinesiology

Panopto view of Professor Obasanjo's Flipped Lecture

Class Size: Large Class Type: Lecture Problem: Passive engagement with lectures Solution: Flipped Classroom Problem: Students engage passively with course material. Kinesiology Professor Iyabo Obasanjo teaches Introduction to Global Health – a large lecture class with over 100 students. In the class, students learn about the status of public health around the world and major diseases of global health significance. Obasanjo found […]

Effective multimedia presentations start with effective public speaking. Scaffolding your course assignments with Barbette Spaeth’s Classical Studies 100


In Barbette Spaeth’s Classical Studies 100 course, the Witch in the Western World, students learned to produce oral and digital presentations through a weekly workshop in which the parts of the presentation are chunked into smaller pieces. Students practice posture in one class session, enunciation in another, effective slide production in another. By the end of the semester, their confidence built, they put it all together and present their final reports to the class. This DIY shows you the tools and resources Barbette and her students use to put their best foot forward. Read more…

Microsoft Sway makes multimedia collaborative storytelling easy in Richard Marcus’s Censorship in Music course


Richard Marcus’s MUSC 100 course on censorship in music had students work in groups to develop multimedia presentations about censored composers. These presentations used a cool new (and free to your students) application called Sway that’s part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite of tools. Sway is like a cooler version of PowerPoint that allowed Prof. Marcus’s students to easily and beautifully incorporate images, maps, videos, and their own podcasts into a fully web accessible, collaborative presentation. Read more…

Real Time Community Building with Microsoft Sway in Bella Ginzbursky-Blum’s Russian courses


With the advent of real-time collaborative tools like Google Docs, the ability to collaborate in the classroom in ways that don’t take up class time just getting the technology to work is now becoming more of a reality. Bella has brought one such tool, Microsoft Sway, into her classroom in an innovative way that has had a transformative effect on the way she teaches her Russian Literature class.

Using Microsoft Sway and Social Media for Student Projects in History: Katherine Cartwright’s HIST 211“Youth Cultures Since the Progressive Era,”

In a Nutshell: In Katherine Cartwright’s history course students learn about youth cultures since the Progressive Era, examining young Americans’ experiences decade by decade. As part of their engagement with the subject, Cartwright wanted students to engage directly with youth cultures.This meant having students use tools that define some of today’s youth cultures, social media […]